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Concept Development

What the product, process or service looks like.

System Design Architecture

Laying out how the pieces relate to each other.

Mechanical Design

Selecting the proper package design, materials and

manufacturing processes.

Electrical Design

How the current flows to make the solution work.

Software, Firmware & App development

Writing the bits & bytes to make the solution do something.

Manufacturing Design 

Designing for cost, supply chain, manufacturing, assembly & service. Putting all the pieces together in a reliable fashion at the right cost and quality.

Project/Program Management

Expertly driving the team, stakeholders, & suppliers to a schedule that ensures success.

We are Project Management Institute (PMI) Certified. With experience leading projects & programs of complex systems, and large teams exceeding 100 globally.

driving the tactics

for the strategy

delivering execution TO make

the parts work, mesh & floW

Execute Services Delivered

Industrial Design

System Design

Mechanical Design

Electrical Design

Software, Firmware & App development

Design for X




     Lean/Six Sigma

     Supply Chain

Enterprise Savings Program Management

PMI Certified Project Management

driving the tactical & disciplined steps TO commericialize