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 Innovate for Growth

The Innovation Garage® delivers education to build capability for your organization. The education is proven to speed delivery of innovations for products, processes, services, systems, and everyday work.

Through a blend of education and technology, you learn essential skills that can be immediately implemented in your work to solve the challenges you face. The organization builds innovation expertise and capability to create faster, more consistently, and to build the skills necessary to develop your internal teams and lead collaboration with others.

It All Starts with Strategy.

Increase your organization’s innovation capability.

 The Innovation Garage® delivers innovation education that works!

Innovation 101

A One-Day session that provides the very basics on Innovation that will help you in your daily work

QuickStart 360

A 3-day innovation training with an optional 60-day mentoring and certification program to build your organization’s innovation capability.

Innovation Mastery

A 6-Month skills and leadership development for Mastery of Innovation Strategy, Leadership, Facilitation, and team development methods of the Innovation Skills for growth.