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Innovation 101: What, Why, & How

A One-Day session that provides the very basics on Innovation that will help you in your daily work

Everyone Can Innovate – NOW.

No matter your role in the organization, being more innovative means you can create, communicate, and accelerate ideas for anything.

At this one-day program workshop you’ll experience the fundamentals of the innovation necessary for creating front-end ideas for products, processes, and services.

In this workshop you’ll learn the very basics on:

  • How understanding neuroscience and mindset are critical for innovation & growth.
  • How to create ideas and problem solve (with methods 8X more effective than brainstorming)
  • How to communicate ideas in a way that builds them up and sells.
  • How to take an idea from inspiration to reality
  • MindMapping (Basics as an innovation acceleration tool)
  • Systems Thinking Basics Skills
  • Design Thinking Introductory Skills (Empathy – Define – Ideate – Prototype – Test)
  • HFX Introductory Skills (Hacking for X Using Business & Mission Model Canvas)

How It Works

Convenient Online Classes & Surveys

Before attending the session, you take a short strengths assessment and innovation culture survey, and watch a few short videos.

Practical “Hands on” Class

At the live class you’ll roll your sleeves up in interactive experiences to cover the content in a dynamic, fast paced way.

Valuable Application to Your Work

You’ll get started applying the new mindset, systems, and tools to your work – connecting the dots from theory into practical application. Post Class completion receive an Innovation Green Belt Certification.

Post Session

Post session, consider attending an extended 3.0 day Innovation program for yourself or with your team. These 3 Day education programs with optional certifications help build your capability for growth, with the help of a master black belt from The Innovation Garage® providing on-site and virtual coaching supporting your team’s success.

This is a great course for individuals looking for the basics.

If you or your team needs to learn more the
What, Why and How of Innovation, this is the program for you.

client workshop to create ideas to solve a business challenge
This course gave basics on innovation, some simple tools, and how I can apply it back at my organization.
Project ManagerMFG Products & System Company
Overall very good! I would recommend this to companies beginning this journey.
OpEX ManagerServices Company
This course presented a lot of great information and techniques for stimulating innovation, and it was presented in a lively manner.
Engineering DirectorConsumer Products Company

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