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Speed to

Accelerate (ac · cel · er · ate)



1) begin to move more quickly.

2) increase in amount or extent.

3) PHYSICS undergo a change in velocity

How do you accelerate speed to market for your organization’s growth?


We assess current thinking styles, and the growth mindset of your organization.


Working with your leadership team, we custom develop and craft a long term innovation and growth strategy for your organization. Identifying the why, what, and how for success.


We identify the expertise needed to lead, support & coach that will build up the team. Sometimes one riot, one ranger. Other times, a full solutions team to support the strategy and execution plan.


We custom develop and blend methods necessary to create an optimal education, experience, tactical process development, and a scalable delivery model for the entire organization.


We add technology and tools to amplify and scale the education to execute the strategy and deliver the expected outcomes for growth.

To accelerate, prototype Everything

We Mean it.

A product idea, a service idea, an existing operation, process, or a global supply chain.

It all starts with a prototype.

From the first written word, to the back of napkin outline sketch of a product or process. ​

​Start with small actionable steps that get the acceleration to happen. Continue iterating, improving, and bringing the product, process, or service to market.


​By rapid cycles of invention and enhancement. ​We have done it and can help educate & coach on how.

​Depending on the specific need, we have the practical experience for and access to a global network of providers, services, & technologies that are matched to deliver the best solution.

Additive Manufacturing

3D printing may be the need. We have access to service providers and globally recognized first movers in this space.

​Collaborators that are working on the latest technologies and latest materials from organic materials to advanced steels & ceramic composites.

Works-Like/Looks Like Prototyping

​Simple & Basic prototyping to convey the benefit promise of the solution. Here, we never say it can’t be done.

​Our mindset is that we can and will find a solution, and someone-somewhere in the world has figured it out and can help. ​

We use simple elements to build out the concept further.

Agile development

These principles apply in the accelerate pillar and not just for software. Small Pieces at a time.

Design a small piece, trouble shoot the small piece, move on to the next step.

This runs the gambit from idea generation to complex technologies & global system & supply chain design.

Champion/Challenger testing

Here we look at the current offering against the challenger or “new” solution.

​We help you design a suite of testing and evaluations to help you validate and test out the concepts.

​Including big killer “death threats” that may shut down or stop the opportunity. This gives fast data to understand options and pivot when needed.

Product Simulation and Financial Modeling

Whether its deep detailed technical design analysis, or engineering the entire value chain for your offering.

​We apply simple methods to help understand the cost, market math, first years sales, pricing strategies, and total value to be delivered. ​

We also access the industry’s leading technology tools and providers and deliver capability assessments to the client for the best solution for them.

This allows decisions to be made quickly.

​​Helping clients to understand options and drive a decision to move forward, or make a “smart kill” and stop the activity.​​

Accelerate Services Delivered
  • Additive manufacturing
  • “Works-like/Looks like” prototyping​
  • Agile Development
  • Design of Experiments
  • Champion/Challenger Testing
  • Structured Problem Solving
  • Simulation modeling for:
  • Financial, Cost & Value Modeling
  • Total Cost of Ownership
  • Design to Cost Services
  • Simulation Analysis
  • Value/Value Chain Analysis
  • Cost Reduction Program Design
  • Technology & Tool Evaluation