What surprised me was how energetic our group was, and how fun we made everything. 

  • I learned that you need to give it your all, and that you can create anything as long as you try.”
  • “Success with the project will help me with my goals in life, because if I can do this, I can do anything”
  • “The Most fun moment was when we estimated how much of a profit we would make. I learned that I like money.”
  • “With this project, I realized that any idea can be innovative, no matter how big or how small.”
  • “I loved learning about Google trends and how to use the internet to research my ideas”
  • “I’m not going to work with creating new inventions, that just doesn’t seem cool at all.”
  • “I learned that I can be a leader. “
  • “I was surprised at how boring it was. I hate business because I don’t like to work hard, I thought it was easy, but it’s not.”
  • “I didn’t understand innovation before, but now I do, because I’m an inventor.”
  • “I learned that with success, comes innovation and eventually, hopefully a better, safer future. I know that I will have some failures with my concept, but with my failures later comes success, and learning to excel. I plan to develop aircraft for missionaries to reach remote villages as an engineer.”
  • ​It helps me realize that in my life if I share my ideas with others, I might be more successful. It encourages me to work hard at whatever I do, even if it is difficult and to do my best. I should aspire to accomplish my goals no matter what may stand in my way."

what clients and PROGRAM attendees saY

Client Testimonials

"The result was to help spur a direct and clear increase in idea quantity during the first 2 days of the CREATE session earlier this week. The CREATE innovation team generated 160 Yellow Cards (ideas), nearly 40% more than past  projects. With Innovation Engineering, quantity breeds quality; so….we saw that play out as we ended up with six ideas that were meaningfully unique enough to go right into the “fail-fast-fail-cheap” weekly project meetings, where we seek to move those ideas to a “go” for product development within ~8 weeks."

SVP, Marketing, Fortune 500 Consumer Products Company

​"You've grown our innovation pipeline and done in 4 days, what normally takes us 6 months to do!"

EVP,  Fortune 100 Consumer Packaged Goods Company

"Jon and Mike made the class very educational and fun. The learning atmosphere was relaxed stress free. A lot of information in a short time but a lot of understanding by the participants. All were able to garner information that is usable on a day to day basis. The information was presented in a very informal way but yet was very structured. You could see the light bulb come on for the attendees as they related topics to the daily "grind"." 

Larry Litke, Quality Director, Grand River Rubber & Plastics

"This course presented a lot of great information and techniques for stimulating innovation, and it was presented in a lively manner."  

Ben Invergo –  Director of Technology and Product Development (PHD), Chromascape, Inc. 

"Thank you for continuing to drive value across our entire organization!"

EVP, Direct Report to CEO, $15B+ Fortune 200 Company


Seminar/Keynote Attendee Comments

"Thanks for Sharing Insights we can use. Outstanding!"  

Very interesting and innovative."

"Great details with very good content and road-map on what to do.

"Thought provoking & Very insightful." 

"Good balance of theory and practice."

"Enjoyed learning about supplier collaboration and innovation."​​

"Excellent presentation some truly innovative stuff."

"Insightful. Very brave new approach."

"Story is a good one. Great content and examples and presented in A clear and well articulated manner."

"So many ideas in so little time." 

"​Great presenter! Highly relevant.

""Time Well Spent!"

Innovation requires resilience & determination. The presentation was great for providing me with a process that can help our clients.​ 
Rob Johnston, 3D Business Accelerator.

"What a gift for everyone to hear your message then quickly reflect on their personal journey with their respective companies! Thank you for amplifying uniqueness, collaboration & innovation. "

Mike Galina, Aultman Healthcare Network


  •  “I didn’t understand innovation before, but now I do, because I’m an inventor.”
  • “I learned that I can be creative and invent products that can help others.”“I learned that I am a very creative person.
  • When I was making the model I really liked it and I think I could make things for a living.
  • I now know things that I didn’t know before.”“It give’s me confidence to grow farther and beyond the project.”
  • “I could use what I learned for my graphic design career.”
  • “This helped me a lot. When I’m older, I want to take over my dad’s business and now I know how to advertise. I can help my dad right now with a new website design.”
  • “I learned that I don’t enjoy creating new products. This helps me to rule that out as a career.”
  • “ I Iearned that hard work will pay off. I thought inventing was easy. It’s hard, but not impossible. I will work harder on what I love to do.”
  • “I learned marketing strategies to grab somebody’s attention.”
  • “What I learned makes a connection to my life because I now know I am capable of coming up with good ideas and working towards them.”
  • “This made me realize that I would really like a job as an engineer. This helped me find that making a product was easier than I thought.”
  •  I learned that I can persevere in my faith or sports when we are losing bad. I can also persevere when my faith is tested."
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