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Leading for Growth Experience

A unique One to Two day program delivering strategy, innovation and growth mindset leadership skills for executives, managers, team leaders, and individual contributors.

Leadership Skills for Strategy, Innovation & Growth Mindset

If your team needs to create, align, and cascade a cohesive growth strategy across your organization, this is the program for you!

No matter your role in the organization, being more innovative means you have fundamentall skills to create, communicate, accelerate and execute on your ideas.

The next challenge for leaders becomes the why, what and how to enable and build the environment for your team and organization to do so effectively.

At the 1 or 2 Day sessions, you’ll learn in-depth leadership principles to support creativity, innovation & growth. You’ll learn the behaviors and understand the soft skills needed, that are elemental to build your organization’s growth focused culture.

A 1/2 day program experience is also available where we sample the topics as an abbreviated high-level executive summary overview.

These sessions establish the foundation for developing the environment and culture for your teams to build their individual skills for facilitating and building strategy, innovation & growth capability.

You’ll get started with application of methods and tools to your current work. You’ll  develop an initial strategy that you can use get an immediate impact.

In this course you’ll experience advanced and in-depth methods on:

  • Mindset, Neuroscience & Psychology of Individuals & Teams
  • The 5 components of a compelling strategy
  • Understanding Starting with Why, Purpose, Method & End State
  • Soft Skills needed to build effective teams
  • Sample facilitation and problem solving solutions using systems thinking applied to innovation.
  • Creating the environments and team mindsets for structured creativity sessions.
  • Mind Mapping as a basic skill and it’s application to organizational strategy.
  • Application of Systems Basics Skills within your organization.
  • How to build teams that:
    • Lead collaboration with others.
    • Apply Design Thinking Advanced Skills
    • Apply Principles for Hackathon (HFX) design & development

How It Works

Convenient Online Classes & Surveys

Before attending the session, you take short digital classes on the key leadership behaviors to create a foundation for innovation & growth.

Practical “Hands on” Live or Digital Class

At the live or digital class you’ll roll your sleeves up in interactive experiences to cover the content in a dynamic, fast-paced way.

Valuable Application to Your Work

After the program, you’ll get started applying the new mindset, systems, and tools to your work – connecting the dots from innovation & growth theory into practical application in your working teams.

Great Leadership Team Development

If you or your team needs to create aligned strategies, AND be more innovative and engaged to build capability, this is the program for you!

innovation 101 session

I never realized that Innovation and Growth is a field of study all to it’s own. I now recognize some basics as to how I can create a safe space for my team to do great things.

VP Product Design & Development
Medical Devices Development Company

Intense. Insightful. A wake up call for me.

Chief Innovation Officer
Global Financial Services Company

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