Education – Customer Journey Mapping (CJM) for Growth

Customer Journey Mapping (CJM): Why, What, & How

A 1-3 day session that provides the very basics on CJM strategy and tools that will help accelerate your organization’s growth.

Map the journey to learn and improve.

Building from skills learned in Customer Experience (CX) sessions, at this live or virtual workshop you’ll experience the fundamentals of CJM to help you find your way. In order to know how to improve your CX, you need to create a roadmap to start.

In this live or virtual workshop you’ll learn the very basics on:

  • Journey Mapping (Basics as an growth acceleration tool)
  • Steps to evaluate and create customer or user personas.
  • How to map and score your customer journey to determine areas of improvement.
  • How to communicate improvement and put action plans together based on the journey maps.
  • How to take a journey map to actionable steps for improvement.
  • Journey Mapping Systems Basics Skills
  • Design Thinking Introductory Skills (Empathy – Define – Ideate – Prototype – Test) and application to journey mapping
  • HFX Introductory Skills (Hacking for X Using Mission Model Canvas) and application and impacts from journey mapping

How It Works

Convenient Online Classes & Surveys

Before attending the live or virtual session, you take a short strengths assessment and CX/CJM survey, and watch a few short videos.

Practical “Hands on” Live or Virtual Class

At the live or digital class you’ll roll your sleeves up in interactive experiences to cover the content in a dynamic, fast paced way.

Valuable Application to Your Work

You’ll get started applying the new mindset, systems, and tools to your work – connecting the dots from theory into practical application.

A great experience for individuals and teams looking to understand the basics of customer journey mapping.

If you or your team needs to learn more the
Why, What and How of CJM, this is the program for you.

client innovation workshop

Understanding persona’s and how to create them was really helpful for me.

Brand Manager
Food Products Distribution Company

The visual approach and simple scoping methods really help me understand what my customers are experiencing when they engage with us.

Product Manager
Food Products Testing Organization

This course gave basics on CJM, some simple tools, and how I can apply it back at my organization.

Marketing Manager
Manufactured Products Company

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