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Leadership, Building Teams, Applying Innovation and Growing Organizations

The Innovation Garage® speaking engagements drive value and deep thinking by the attendees. We have presented in front of many corporate, supply chain, and trade groups with participants from hundreds of small businesses and top global Fortune 50 corporations.

This includes The Henry Ford Museum of American Innovation, Maker Faire on the Make Live Stage, Innovation Engineering Institute Annual Conferences at Eureka! Ranch, Aberdeen CPO Events, Center for Advanced Procurement Studies (CAPS) and Procurement Leaders Executive Events and many Chambers of Commerce.

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The Innovation Garage Keynote:
Get Ready for the Innovation Economy
5 Steps for Success

Program Length: 60-90 minutes

Many organizations struggle with how to define innovation, capture value, and measure results from their efforts.

Join us as we share future insight and present recent case studies and practical applications in how leadership can connect the dots to build and measure their innovation pipeline to bottom-line performance, and amplify success of internal teams’ efforts.

This highly interactive presentation tells the story of how to amplify and program manage pipelines of innovation with stakeholders.

The keynote provides 3 key leadership lessons in a major Fortune 1000 corporations as it relates to innovation mindset of leadership, team members, and other stakeholders including customers and suppliers.

It presents methodologies as to how senior-leaders can drive increased innovation with teams and how to work with marketing, supply chain, engineering, and procurement teams driving significant gains in innovation programs.

This keynote presentation provides methods, approaches, and techniques for stakeholder management in how to focus and develop a sustainable and repeatable method of initiation, planning, execution, control and closing of innovation projects as well as providing a sustainable pipeline for program managers responsible for innovation.

It also grounds the participants back to some very simple—yet often forgotten—methods to communicate as businesspersons, focusing on positive margin revenue growth with various stakeholders in both large programs and large organizations.

The program contains 2 specific case studies on the methodology applied, metrics used, and mindset approach to amplify innovation across an enterprise.

The Innovation Garage Keynote:
Three Lessons Eighth-Graders Can Teach Us about Innovation

Program Length: 60-90 minutes

​No matter what type of activity we work with our clients, an innovation workshop, Chamber of Commerce event, innovation accelerator, invention session, or coaching a team in a development process, there is a common question that always comes up.

Why is innovation such a difficult concept for most adults?

The Innovation Garage role with our clients is to understand the very important problems and opportunities of what we are asked to deliver. We are focused to recognize death threats (things that will kill the project), and design a series of experiments to problem solve the death threat and learn more. Here we provide are some observations on the challenge of why some adults struggle with innovation.

Adults are expected to have a built-in ability to innovate. In every function in any firm, regardless of size, your boss, company owner, or executive leaders expect that you should know how to generate some ideas for your job or department, convey the benefit of the idea, and maybe design some part of the new idea and be able to drive a plan to deliver the improvement.

Sad fact is, this is not reality.

This keynote presents the results of an innovation “experiment” we conducted with eighth graders and provides the 3 key insights as to why it is a challenge for many adults to innovate.

The talk from The Innovation Garage provides a 5-step action plan to develop the skills within your team, and shares inspiration from 8th graders that will motivate you and your team to build out and amplify the innovation and growth capability of your organization.

The Innovation Garage Keynote:
The Hero’s Journey

Program Length: 60-90 minutes

It’s the great adventure that lies within each of us. We are searching for those things that will give us meaning in our lives. We’re all on a quest. A quest called the hero’s journey. This 60-90 minute program is designed to help you get a better understanding of what your calling and hero’s journey might look like.

How do I design my very own hero’s journey?

This program is designed for students and adults looking to figure out their purpose and the why of their very own hero’s journey.

We present 4 areas of discovery, share big secrets, and present some methods and tools to build your very own roadmap to discover the center point of that which you love to do, that which the world needs , that which you can be paid for, and most importantly, your strengths of which you are good at.

With individual and interactive exercises we help start to illuminate the path for your very own hero’s journey.

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