Speed to


The Innovation Garage® enables you and your team to increase your speed to market by gaining a deep understanding of your customer experience (CX) by using rapid cycles of invention and enhancement.

Once the CX is foundationally understood, we connect in our development teams and a global network of providers, services, and technologies to deliver the best solution.

As we share in our keynotes and speaking engagements, sessions like this help you to understand your options and drive a decision to move forward or make a “smart kill” and stop the activity.

To accelerate, prototype everything.

The Innovation Garage®  helps accelerate the customer journey and customer experience strategy for your organization!

Building Your Customer Experience (CX)

A 1- to 2-day education program on strategies, methods and tactics for designing your customer experience from the ground up.

Customer Journey Mapping for Growth

A 1- to 3-day session introducing your team to the basics of Customer Journey Mapping with application and insight of your current customer experience.