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Happy New Year! – Celebrating Your Energy Into Uncertainty

“Before you leave the year, we encourage taking some time to slow down for a few minutes. Take an accounting of the year. Focus on the positive attributes. What went well. Give yourself grace for the things that didn’t go so well. You’ll have another shot to make those better next year. In this post, we share our observations both of our close-in tribe and those of our extended colleagues and our clients.”

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Leading for Growth – Energy Into Uncertainty: 5 Steps for Business Continuity & Supply Chain Resiliency

“As we all traverse the current public health and economic disruptions The Innovation Garage® presents a 30 minute webinar series to help support your organization on the road to recovery.”

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Leading for Growth – 5 Advantages of Lean Learning

“Lean Learning, which pays homage to Toyota’s lean manufacturing system, stresses using effort only when it is needed, improving outcomes, and cutting waste…” Translated to learning and development, it means truly understanding the learning that your team needs, and getting the skills delivered exactly when the team needs them.

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