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Supply Chain.

Innovation, Abundance & Unlimited Capacity

It’s in your Supply Chain.

We help you make it real.

In parallel with development activities it’s important to identify suppliers and forward-thinking customers to develop and build your product, process, or service innovation.

It’s important to build vast interconnected networks of local, regional, and global suppliers to maximize speed and time to market.

We help clients build capability in developing their own GLOBAL human and technology based eco-system of experts that will deliver results.

Our Supplier Enabled Innovation® program is recognized by global organizations and industry insiders as world class.

Let us show you how to build your own version for your organization’s long-term growth.

Supplier Enabled Innovation 001

Strategic Sourcing, Global Procurement & Supply Chain Network Design

  • Establishing methods for strategic source development and innovation by working with and optimizing the client’s supply base
  • Strategic Commodity and Category Sourcing Methods and approaches
  • Supplier Technology Matching of Technology to Supplier and Supplier to Technology
  • Total Cost of Ownership and Assessments of Near Shoring/Re-shoring/Globalization…for specific needs of the client’s business.
  • Innovative Legal/Contractual/Intellectual Property/Licensing business models… maximize deal flow.
  • Methods and techniques that get results to get the deal done and positively expand the opportunity for the client, the client’s customer, and the client’s suppliers.
  • Supply Enabled Innovation® Design, Metrics, and Performance Monitoring
  • Industry leading, and super easy to use tools and techniques that are easy to train on, and allow the client to focus on growth, not what or how to measure.
  • Establishing very robust supply chain & enterprise risk & compliance programs.