Education – Innovation & Growth Mindset Mastery Program

Innovation & Growth Mindset Mastery Program

A 6-Month Innovation, Growth Mindset and Leadership Program
for Mastery of the Skills for Growth.

Master Innovation & Growth Mindset Capability.

This Innovation and Growth Mindset Leadership Training Course delivers Mastery of Innovation Strategy, Leadership, Facilitation, and team development methods for growth.

With this innovation mastery and leadership training, skills, systems and software license for your organization, you’ll be able to:

  • Apply application assignments on your organization’s goals and initiatives
  • Coach Others in your organization and Run Training Waves in your organization.
  • Act as process coach for others in Your Organization
  • Deliver results up to 6X faster using a New Innovative Work Process.
  • Design and manage  Innovation and Growth Systems for Your Organization.
  • Manage the innovation portfolio in your organization with use of cloud based software and tools.

Convenient Online Classes

After attending the Two-Day QuickStart 360 program as a prerequisite, and attending the Innovation Training mastery course, you use your private education portal to complete short digital classes on the fundamentals of innovation and skills necessary to build innovation capability.

Practical “Hands on” Class

After attending the Two-Day QuickStart 360 program as a prerequisite, this multi-day Innovation Training mastery course dives deep into innovation. Hands-on and interactive experiences cover the content of the in a rapid and fast paced way. Application case stories are woven into each day of training.

Application to Your Work

After the Innovation Training mastery course you apply the new mindset, systems and tools to your challenges. You define your challenges, apply your new tools to think deeper, create solutions, define them and get qualitative and quantitative feedback on your ideas to make them smarter—very fast.

Living It to Certification

During the 90 Day certification period after the Innovation Mastery training session, working with an Innovation Master Black Belt from The Innovation Garage® as your coach, you complete your coursework and real-world application assignments directly applied to your organization. Upon successful completion and evaluation of your application assignments, receive an Innovation Level 3 (Black Belt) Certification.

This is a great program for individuals looking to achieve Innovation and Growth Mindset Mastery AND lead the charge for their organization.

If you or your team needs to be the driving force of the
Why, What and How of Innovation in your organization, this is the program for you.

innovation 101 course

This course presented a lot of great information and techniques for stimulating innovation, and it was presented in a lively manner.

Engineering Director
Manufactured Products Company

This program has provided me a ton of clarity on how to lead the growth program back at my organization. The strategy and systems education is the best i’ve ever experienced.

Director of Innovation
Health Care Products Company

This course gave me a deep dive on innovation, provided advanced tools, and will help me to lead the effort back at my company.

Innovation Systems Leader
MFG Products & Assembly Company

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