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QuickStart360: Igniting Teams for Growth

A 2-day innovation and growth-mindset training followed by a 60-day mentoring AND certification program, designed to apply innovation to your work, your team, and your organization!

Everyone Can Innovate.

No matter your role in the organization, being more innovative means you have fundamentall skills to create, communicate, accelerate and execute on your ideas.

The next challenge becomes the why, what and how to enable and build the environment for you to consistently apply standard work to innovation. Building from our Leading for Growth  and Innovation and Growth Mindset 101 programs, this two day program is desired to dive deepr into Innovation and Growth Mindset.

At the two-day Innovation QuickStart360 course you’ll learn in depth skills for scaling and facilitating innovation standard work.

AND you’ll get started by application to your current work to get an immediate impact.

In this course you’ll learn advanced and in-depth methods on how to:

  • Dive deep into neuroscience and mindset of individuals and teams to understand how to optimize innovation & growth.
  • Facilitate and problem-solve solutions using systems thinking applied to innovation.
  • Facilitate structured brainstorm/create sessions.
  • Apply Mind Mapping Advanced Skills.
  • Apply Innovation Systems Advanced Skills
  • Build Teams and lead collaboration with others.
  • Apply Design Thinking Advanced Skills.
  • Apply & Understand HFX Principles for Hackathon design & development.

How It Works

Convenient Online Classes & Surveys

Before attending the QuickStart session, you take short digital classes on key innovation & growth skills.

Practical “Hands on” Class

At the live class you’ll roll your sleeves up in interactive experiences to cover the content in a dynamic, fast-paced way.

Valuable Application to Your Work

On the second day, you’ll get started applying the new mindset, systems, and tools to your work – connecting the dots from innovation theory into practical application.

Living It – to Certification

During the 60 days after the session, complete your coursework and real-world skills application assignments with the support of a master black belt from The Innovation Garage®. On-site or  virtual coaching support is provided to achieve Innovation Level 2 (Blue Belt) certification.

Great Personal and Team Development

If you or your team needs to be more innovative and engaged, this is the program for you.

innovation blue belt workshop participants

It is set up so that there are many ways that can lead to success for your project or task at hand. It helps to align the team and get us moving faster to grow the organization.

Innovation Section Team Leader
Mid Market Manufacturing Company

The training is an experience that has made me a better entrepreneur. Coming from a highly structured/regulated world this process teaches the art of entrepreneurship and how there are many paths to commercialization.

Innovation Analyst
Fortune 200 Company

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