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Innovation Broker: Procurement's Next Frontier – Art of Procurement Podcast

We recently had a great opportunity and were invited to sit down and have a meaningful conversation with Philip Ideson, founder of Palambridge as part of the Art of Procurement Podcast he hosts. Our talk focused on one of our key mutual passions, that is, working to move procurement organizations from savings only thinking and…
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Demo Day. Why it's important to show and tell.

  For the last week, The Innovation Garage® has been focused on driving to Demo Day for a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) client product development. The comic strip panels from Dilbert and the classic demo photo from Boston Whaler Boat Company, whose tag line is “The Unsinkable Legend” show the extremes of what demo day can…
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Lead From The Front. Give Hope to Your Team.

In our last post, we shared how it’s the repetition that matters for innovation success. It’s the reps that count. Train on the basics, work on your repetitions. When you think about this strategically, it looks like this. These are the five basic steps we advocate to help leaders figure out where to go next…
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