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Innovation Broker: Procurement's Next Frontier – Art of Procurement Podcast

We recently had a great opportunity and were invited to sit down and have a meaningful conversation with Philip Ideson, founder of Palambridge as part of the Art of Procurement Podcast he hosts. Our talk focused on one of our key mutual passions, that is, working to move procurement organizations from savings only thinking and…
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Congrats Jim Petroski: Advisory Board Member AND Innovation Engineering Blue Belt

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  Congratulations Jim Petroski founder of Design by Analysis Technical Consulting LLC and advisory board member with The Innovation Garage® on your Innovation Engineering Blue Belt Certification! As Jim posted to his website and Linked in… “Nice accomplishment – I completed and became certified as a Blue Belt in Innovation Engineering, part of my role in…
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Innovation Summer School – Check out these great Events happening this week!

Join Us for These Really Cool Innovation Summer School End of July Events. One for you in the business world, the other just as fun, AND you can bring your kids. In both sessions, have a way cool time doing amazing science type stuff, at some of the most awesome places around.   For Business…
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Tied Together in Learning

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Recently, we observed a ceremony that had some very special and specific meaning for us AND connected dots to some recent client experiences. Aaron, one of our co-founders, was awarded his black belt in Tae Kwon Do, at the age of 13. If you know someone that studies martial arts, you recognize that there is deep meaning…
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