the Growth

Innovate (in · no · vate)



1) make changes in something established, especially by introducing new methods, ideas, or products.

2) introduce (something new, especially a product). “innovating new products, developing existing ones”

3) deliver creative thinking and execution that adds value.

How do you increase innovation capability and culture for your organization’s growth?


We assess current thinking styles, and the growth mindset of your organization.


Working with your leadership team, we custom develop and craft a long term innovation and growth strategy for your organization. Identifying the why, what, and how for success.


We identify the expertise needed to lead, support & coach that will build up the team. Sometimes one riot, one ranger. Other times, a full solutions team to support the strategy and execution plan.


We custom develop and blend methods necessary to create an optimal education, experience, tactical process development, and a scalable delivery model for the entire organization.


We add technology and tools to amplify and scale the education to execute the strategy and deliver the expected outcomes for growth.

Strategy to Innovate
Education and Services

  • Executive Programs
  • Strategy Acceleration
  • Innovation Acceleration
  • Create, Invent & Blueprinting Sessions
  • Insight Mining
  • Market Mining
  • Technology Mining
  • Future Mining
  • Business Strategy Design
  • Strategic Focusing
  • New Products & Services
  • New Customers & Markets
  • Invention Blueprinting
  • Patent Search and Analysis
  • Patent Business Process Development
  • Market & Sales Forecasting for Early Stage Concepts
  • Market Opportunity Assessment
  • Competitor Benchmarking and Evaluation
  • Legal, Compliance & Risk for Innovation
  • Business Process Improvements for Growth
  • Business Growth Operating Systems

Custom Developed Innovation and Growth Operating Systems are proven to scale your organization’s capability to grow.

With Custom designed Innovation and Growth Operating Systems we typically see:

  1. Organizations are able to create aligned strategies.
  2. Organizations are able to optimize ideas, concepts, products, processes, and services that align and amplify the organizational growth strategy.
  3. Innovation Growth Systems Education helps the teams to be more effective in execution and scaling of products, processes, and service solutions for the organization.

Leading for Growth Experience

An intense One to Two Day program, delivering strategy, innovation & growth mindset leadership for executives, managers, team leaders and individual contributors.

Innovation & Growth Mindset 101

A One-Day session, with optional 30-day mentoring and certification period to provide the very basics on Innovation and Growth Mindset to help you in your daily work.

Innovation & Growth Mindset QuickStart360

A Two-day innovation and growth mindset skills and training session with 60-day mentoring and certification period to build your organization’s Innovation and Growth Mindset Capability.

Innovation & Growth Mindset Mastery

An intense skills, leadership development, mentoring and certification program for Mastery of Strategy, Leadership and Facilitation of Innovation and Growth Mindset skills and systems within your organization.