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Digital Transformation: Why, What, & How

A comprehensive 3 phase program that builds your digital transformation strategy with consulting, education, tools, and technology.

Ideas are easy. Execution is the hard part.

Once you understand the fundamentals of organizational change needed for transformation, the difficult part becomes figuring out the why, what and how of execution.

This multiphase program provides the fundamentals of the strategies and operational tactics necessary for consistent execution of transformation of products, processes, and services for your organization.

In this program you’ll learn the very basics on how to:

  • Identify the ideal digital transformation definition for your organization.
  • Structure digital transformation programs and projects.
  • Problem solve solutions to increase consistency across your organization.
  • Communicate project strategies and missions consistently.
  • Systems Thinking Skills applied to Digital Transformation activities.

How It Works

Convenient Online Classes & Surveys

Before attending the live sessions, you take a short strengths assessment and Digital Transformation maturity survey, and watch a few short videos.

Practical “Hands on” Live or Virtual Class

At the live class you’ll roll your sleeves up in interactive experiences to cover the content in a dynamic, fast paced way.

Valuable Application to Your Work

You’ll get started applying the new mindset, systems, and tools to your work – connecting the dots from theory into practical application. Post Class, apply the methods with custom designed application assignments to active projects in your organization.

This is a great program for leaders and teams looking to drive consistency and standard work across your organization.

If you or your team needs to learn more the
Why, What, and How of Digital Transformation, this is the program for you.

Digital Transformation Programs

This course gave some simple tools on digital transformation and strategy and how I can apply it back at my organization.

CXO Marketing Leader
MFG Products & System Company

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