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Conversations, Articles, Podcasts & Insight from The Innovation Garage® & Collaboration Partners

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Regular updates and writings related to trends in product, process, service & supply chain. Plus updates related to special innovation education projects & programs.

DFM Summit Conversation

The Founders Forum

In this short clip from the DFM Summit, Jon Hershtick (founder of SolidWorks & OnShape), Jon Washington (founder of The Innovation Garage), and Ben Gebhardt (co-founder of Refractory) discuss Design to Cost technology and how it can help product design and development once adopted and embraced by development teams.

The Art of Procurement Conversation

Innovation Broker: Procurement’s Next Frontier

Art of Procurement is the leading source for procurement professionals and leaders to learn from peers and elevate their impact.

It was launched in 2015 by Philip Ideson, a long-time procurement professional, for fellow procurement professionals.

It is critical in infuse system based thinking into the pursuit of supplier enabled innovation. Systems to create ideas, systems to communicate them, and systems to commercialize them. That will scale into a future of innovation.  You want to encourage a culture that can fail fast and do small scale experiments on innovation that limits the risk.”

In this episode, Phillip and Jon have a conversation around the following areas:

  • How The Innovation Garage® defines innovation
  • Why innovation is a lot broader than just product design
  • 5 elements that are key to infusing innovation into an organization
  • The importance of mindset in shifting from a savings-first focus to one that encompasses other value levers
  • Why The Innovation Garage® Team  believes that procurement is perfectly positioned to be innovation brokers
  • Why repetition breeds culture, and how that applies to innovation.
  • How enabling internal innovation pioneers to flourish encourages others to follow their lead.

CPO Summit Conversation

The Innovation Economy

Russell Goodman, Editor In Chief of SupplyChainBrain and Jon Washington have a conversation at Aberdeen’s Chief Procurement Officers Summit. Great discussion on The Innovation Economy and what leadership teams can do to be prepared.

This video first appeared on SupplyChainBrain.

Co-Engineered by Procurement

Paul Teague of Procurement Leaders writes about procurement & procurement engineering teams helping to drive design. Interviews with industry leaders, Jon, his past corporate work & The Innovation Garage® are discussed in the piece.

This article is available on request from The Innovation Garage®.

Co-engineered by Procurement cover

Procurement Leaders Forum

Looking beyond the supply base for innovation

Paul Teague offers comments from a Procurement Leaders‘ Boston Forum roundtable discussion on Open Innovation in 2013 moderated by David Rae from Procurement Leaders. Participants included Steve Baggot from P&G, John Klein from Avery Dennison, and Jon Washington.

Supply Chain Forum Conversation

Driving Innovation & Value with Collaboration

Jean Murphy, Editor Emeritus from SupplyChainBrain, and Jon Washington have a conversation about supplier innovation & collaboration. Great discussion on how supply chain teams can capture the capacity of the supply chain.

This video first appeared on SupplyChainBrain.

Innovation Forum Article

Driving Innovation & Value with Collaboration

True supplier collaboration can drive innovation and value, but success depends upon a foundation of trust that enables partners to effectively deal with intellectual property rights.

This article was published on SupplyChainBrain.