Leading for Growth

Blended Education, Leadership Training & Technology Systems that amplify Long-term Growth

To amplify growth, it’s all about strategy.

Start with Strategy, Blend Methods, Educate, then focus on the system.

The Innovation Garage provides blended education, leadership training and coaching across the total business life cycle.

Strengths Development, Virtues Based Leadership, Design Thinking, Lean Start Up, Lean Six Sigma, Innovation Systems, Project & Program Management, Supplier Enabled Innovation, Center Led Procurement.

The secret is, it’s all about the blend. We always prescribe an “educate first” model. That means our desire is to engage our clients, listen deeply, understand the challenge, provide options, educate then coach.

Working with executive, leadership, management and employees teams to create blended learning programs for success.

​We are always practitioners first. We use and blend these leadership training solutions for own business development as well, because they work.

​The offerings presented are best in class and based on scientific research and our own practical field application.

​These leadership training solutions are the keys to helping spark or reignite the long term growth of start ups, small to medium enterprises, and the global Fortune 50.

Our long term goal is to provide the proper solution for your needs. The Innovation Garage has additional provider relationships to connect you to the proper solutions to solve your most difficult challenges.

For each of the elements listed, we can provide insight, analysis, business processes & recommend technology. If you’re an executive, manager, owner/operator, or employee looking to discuss options, review the menu below and please give us a call to discuss these programs or a custom built education program.

Education & Systems

  • Innovation Leadership Training, Education Workshops & Operating Systems
  • Product, Design & Development Team Building & Coaching
  • Design Thinking, Lean Startup
  • Lean Six Sigma/DMAIC
  • Supply Chain & Procurement Team Building & Coaching
  • Negotiation Education & Coaching
  • ​Collaborative Contract Design & Negotiation
  • Patent Valuation & Business Processes to manage Intellectual Property
  • Savings Program Education
  • Risk/Compliance Programs & Education

Innovation & Growth Systems Programs
for Executives & Teams

Your Executive Team will learn the new and effetive ways of thinking about growth.

What: The Innovation & Growth Executive Programs are 4 hour to 1.5 day experience programs where you and your team of up to 6 executives learn the fundamentals of how to lead and manage innovation as a “system” that delivers growth. The Program is an “Executive Summary” course designed to make senior executives understand how to create psychologically safe spaces, based on brain research, group dynamics, thinking styles, and what their role is in the process.

Why: It is well understood that organizations that innovate for growth realize increases in scale and reach of services and net profit margin growth as they escape market forces that create commodities out of all products and services.

How: You learn through interactive “Lab” classes during day one, and start the process of integration with a set of “Application”classes on the second day. The agenda varies based on the needs of the group. Content is custom designed based on a series of assessments and strategy development sessions with your leadership team.

Innovation & Growth Systems
Express Overview

For Executives, Organization Leaders, Small to Medium Organizations, Non-profits or Civic Groups

What: The Innovation Express overview provides a 2-4 hour introduction to the themes of how to lead and manage innovation as a “system” that delivers increased speed and decreased risk. The Program is a high-energy and hands on overview designed to expose attendees to a new innovation mindset with a particular focus on what their role is in the process. Generally the session is part of a sponsored breakfast or lunch session with the interested group.

Why: It is well understood that companies that innovate significant growth in net profit or the scale and reach of their services as they escape market forces that create commodities out of all products and services.

​How: You learn through interactive “experiments” during the session. The agenda varies based on the needs of the group of attendees but the basic flow is as follows:

  • A framework for “Why innovation and why now?”
  • A 20 minute Hands on Innovation Experiment
  • A laser focused definition of what is an “Innovation”
  • Basics of how to speed up creativity of your teams.
  • Basics of how to use Systems Thinking to drive out fear
  • A “re-do” of the Innovation Experiment to show what you learned
  • An application of Design Thinking methods and approaches to a specific challenge to your business or non-profit

Innovation Training

4 Hour, 1 Day, 1.5 Day, 4 Week, and 12 Week Project Demonstrations

Innovation 101

This full-day Innovation Workshop delivers a basic understanding for increasing innovation speed & creativity. In this full-day event, you will learn to accelerate ideas for new or improved products, processes, and services.

Test Drive Workshops provide a sampling of the basics of the how to apply systems thinking to creativity skills to execute on your organizations growth plans.

Each public Workshop can involve a series of digital classes that are watched in advance. The live sessions drive deeper understanding through case study examples. Post session, there are optional application Classes where you begin the process of applying the learning to your organization’s situation. .

What’s Next: The Test Drive Workshops cover many basic skills for innovation and growth. After the workshop, many attendees and their leaders look to pursue deeper levels of education for themselves and their organizations.

Innovation and
Growth Operating Systems

Total Business Thinking & Technology for Growth.

The custom designed and blended operating systems helps you to develop the confidence and capability to use innovation skills to grow your organizations scale and reach, as well to grow your sales and profits faster and more effectively.

​Implementation involves a series of projects or “Waves” over 6 to 36 months depending on the size and mindset inertia ​within your organization.

​Projects are focused on a Problems or Systems that require problem solving and system redesign for the organization.

Classic areas include:

  • New Products & Services
  • New Customers and Markets
  • Sales & Marketing Message
  • Innovation Process Improvement
  • ​Innovation for Sustainability
  • OPEX & Lean Innovation​

These well-proven innovation and growth systems implementation process builds a sustainable culture for long term growth. The systems and tools have been utilized by such companies as Nike, Disney, and Proctor & Gamble, but are now available to suit the unique needs of small and mid-size organizations.

​After the classes some participants like to “do it themselves,” while other prefer to progress to guided coaching from experts at The Innovation Garage®.

Private workshops are available as weekly classes or as a multi day intensive programs.