Why the Innovation Garage?

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Why The Innovation Garage?

The name recognizes and honors the spirit of the most innovative companies… many of which started in a garage.

Where we grew up, the garage is:

  1. ​The first space to build something, or fix something that’s broken.
  2. ​Where some cool ideas and organizations get their first sparks.

Focused on innovation as a cornerstone and key transformational element for any type of business activity, The Innovation Garage® assists their clients in growing their business.

We do this in both new and existing products and services, and through all phases of development, from idea and concept through commercial launch.

The Innovation Garage® also provides
a unique capability and skill set to deliver:

  • Turn-key work in open innovation and design
  • Leadership, education and coaching on how best to partner in open innovation collaboration with internal teams, customers and suppliers.
  • Coaching and team development, technology and systems to accelerate launching new products, services & supply chains.

​These unique skills include insights, advanced technology, tools,
and education, on how to:

  • Generate ideas to build ground up new offering
  • ​Push the reset button that reinvents an existing product or service portfolio.​
  • Apply innovation principles to even the most challenging aspects of:
    • Product and service design Project and Program Management
    • Regulatory qualification
    • Strategic Sourcing
    • Global Supply chain design
    • Collaborative negotiation
    • Contracts and Deal flow
    • Legal, risk, & Compliance for various industries
    • Business relationship development.

​This is accomplished through a powerful combination of:

  • Practical experience
  • ​Networks (both human and technology-based)
  • Unique development and deployment methods with Education, Processes & Tools.
  • Partnering with the right team to identify, manage, measure, then amplify long-term growth of the specific impact targets most important to the client.​