Leading for Growth – Leadership Skills for Change Management – Live Remote Digital Workshop

Leading for Growth – Leadership Skills for Change Management

(Live Remote Digital Workshop)

As we all traverse the current public health and economic disruptions, The Innovation Garage® presents an extended education series to help support your organization on the road to recovery. Following up from our well received Energy into Uncertainty  blog & and webinar series, this program provides key skills, behaviors, tools, and methods to put Energy into Uncertainty for Change Management within your organization.

This session will be conducted live over two (2) days, for three (3) hours each day. In this blended digital program, you and your digital class cohort will learn: in-depth leadership principles, behaviors, and soft skills needed for leading, building and facilitating a growth-focused culture that will focus on execution through disruption.


We’ve experienced a tremendous amount of change around us during the last 36 Months. What each of these situations have in common, is not necessarily what happens around you or to you, but rather, how  you will respond, recover and lead others through it.

In each of these scenarios, we’ve always found the collective mindset and most successful results when you do the exact opposite of what everyone else is doing to pull through it. You must learn how to innovate under stress AND execute well.  When we focus on these items, you can then recover from these disruptions.

So get ready!

You will need to innovate under stress to solve problems. You will need to mitigate disruptions for your organization, your customers and yes, even your suppliers.

Once you have a good understanding of the basics of change management, and the various scenarios in play, you can create action plans that will help you strategically focus your organization like you never have before.

As a CEO, leadership executive, manager, or team leader, these skills will support your efforts to create priority, focus and clarity for those you lead.


In this program, we pull from over 30 years of execution experience, sharing the methods tools and insights proven to work. You will learn foundational change management skills to develop an initial strategy, scenario options, and application of change models to create business continuity plans that you can use to get an immediate impact.

In this course you’ll learn advanced and in-depth methods on:

  • Mindset Neuroscience, Grit and the Psychology of Individuals & Teams
  • The 5 components of a compelling Strategy
  • Understanding Starting with Why, Purpose, Method & End State
  • Soft Skills, team dynamics, and the leadership behaviors needed to build the teams to facilitate and problem-solve solutions.
  • Application and use of systems thinking applied to business disruption, scenario planning, and execution.
  • Creating the psychologically safe environments and team mindsets to enable change management effectiveness.
  • How to build teams and lead collaboration with others.
  • How to “amplify empathy” to build teams by understanding problems to solve and jobs to be done.
  • Hard Skills, in tools, templates, and methods to support your organization’s business continuity and resiliency efforts.
    • Strategy Development
    • Scenario Planning
    • Business Continuity Planning
    • Three (3) Change management models and simple steps to implement them
    • This session includes access to digital pre-work released one-week prior to the program
    • Upon completion of the program a Change Management Playbook to support your efforts.
  • BONUS CONTENT:  Post session, attendees can schedule an optional 1-hour digital change management strategy, scenario planning or business continuity plan review with The Innovation Garage®. In this session, we can review your organization’s initial draft plans, and offer insight and support suggestions for successful execution.


1) Convenient On-Line Digital Classes & Survey’s: One week before attending the session, you take a short strengths assessment, business continuity and risk survey, and watch a few short videos.

2) Practical “Live” Digital Classes:  Via a digital connection platform,  you’ll roll up your sleeves through interactive experiences. This helps to cover the content in a dynamic, fast paced way.  The session includes several breakouts with case stories, During these breakouts,  you can collaborate with your cross industry class cohort on practical exercises that demonstrate and apply the skills you are learning. The course content is covered in two three-hour sessions over two consecutive days.

3) Valuable Application to Your Work: You’ll get started applying the new mindset, systems, and tools to your work – connecting the dots from theory into practical application.

4) Post Session:  Post session, consider scheduling the plan review call or attending (or having your teams attend) a 1 Day Innovation 101 program (with optional Green Belt Certification)  or an extended 3.0 day Innovation program (with optional Blue Belt Certification). These education programs, with optional certification, help build your organizations capability and confidence for growth. Always, with the help of a master black belt from The Innovation Garage®, providing on-site or virtual coaching supporting your team’s success.


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“Intense. Insightful. A wake up call for me.” 

VP – Global Fortune 500 Financial Services Company

“Really enjoyed the practical application and hands on learning, the group collaboration for different points of view, and pushing my limits to think differently.” 

Supply Chain Analyst, Publicly Traded Food Products Company

“Great details with very good content and road map on what to do.”  

Supply Chain Leader, Privately Held CPG Company 

“This is a hands-on program, providing a great explanation on how all the techniques work together.” 

Operational Excellence Facilitator – Hospital & Healthcare Network

“Good Balance on Theory and Practice”  

Supply Chain Leader – Publicly Traded Pharma Company

“I really enjoyed the smaller class size, learning the methods, then applying what we learned right away.” 

Project Manager – Mid-Market Privately Held Technology Company

  • Leading for Growth - Business Continuity and Supply Chain Resiliiency (Live Digital Workshop)
     January 25, 2023 - January 26, 2023
     9:00 am - 12:00 pm
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