Innovation Capability Build: $15B Publicly Traded Fortune 200

Client Case Story Snapshot


Fortune 200 Publicly Traded


Build from the ground up the organization internal innovation capability


Utilizing Innovation & Growth Systems, Leadership Education, Tools, and Technology


Results Narrative Summary

Over a 36+ month period, from CXO – to new executive leaders – to extended team of 100+ associates across enterprise business units. The mission is to educate, develop and coach up the innovation capability with education, tools, expert strategy, technical consulting and software.

The focus is to build internal capability and develop business methods including corporate venture funding possibilities to create products and services.

To date, the engagement has delivered a full innovation systems solution with the team developing 100+ opportunities for commercialization AND a multi-hundred million dollar pipeline for first year revenue.

These are in various phases of commercialization, including multiple provisional patents and trademarks, and the business unit’s first granted patent in over 20 years. Most recently our team provided patent blueprinting & optimizations services for early stage ideation concepts in support of provisional applications for patents.

The Innovation Garage® team also worked with 50 cross functional leaders to develop corporate strategy and mission statements and deliver Customer Experience (CX) education for the Customer Service divisions of the organization.

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