Supply Chain Capability Build: Manufacturing Process Improvement

Client Case Story Snapshot


Mobility Van Manufacturer


Reduce paint and body rework


Tactical process design, lean training for continuous improvement and 5S training and implementation for organization


Results Narrative Summary

Over a 16-week period, The Innovation Garage® led a cross-functional team of Quality, Sourcing and Production to:

  1. Increase production throughput
  2. Reduce rework
  3. Reduce rework cycle time
  4. Maximize time painter paints (most expensive direct labor rate)

Results were a complete line layout change to accommodate more WIP and space in Paint Prep and Paint so that the equipment and rework did not result in bottlenecks to the whole facility. More physical space also helped create fewer defects as working conditions for the type of work needed more room then the rest of assembly.

Project Management Capability Build: Manufacturing Process Improvement