Project Management Capability Build: Manufacturing Process Improvement

Client Case Story Snapshot


Custom Car Manufacturer


Reduce total build man hours by 50%


Tactical process design, lean training for continuous improvement and 5S training and implementation for organization


Results Narrative Summary

Over a 20-week period, The Innovation Garage® led a cross-functional team of Sourcing, Material Handling, and Production to:

  1. Optimize part delivery to the production area
  2. Only have tools needed for the upcoming production
  3. Analyze and improve assembly via production sequence and utilize subassembly stations
  4. Relocate stores to better support picking, counting, and delivery to production

Realized 50% reduction in total man hours between Materials, Subassembly and Operations by using 5S, SMED and better workflow utilization. Allocated hours per car from 500 MH to 200 MH per vehicle.

Supply Chain Capability Build: Manufacturing Process Improvement
Supply Chain Capability Build: $3B Publicly Traded Fintech – Design to Cost Process Development