Innovation Capability Build: Develop an Innovation Pipeline for $40M Automotive Products Division of $50B Global Publicly Traded Organization

Client Case Story Snapshot


$40M Automotive Products Provider, Division of a Fortune 200 Manufacturing Company


Develop a strong innovation pipeline of several $5M ideas


Innovation Systems Accelerator Session


Results Narrative Summary

Twelve members of the company from executive leadership, marketing, sales, product management, legal, and development, attended a 4-day accelerator session facilitated by Innovation Master black-belts. 200+ line of business ideas generated. 20 presented to consumers as part of an Interact Customer Feedback sessions. 10 Down selected to development. 5 ideas killed or combined to 3 new product offerings in development with a leap innovation top line revenue potential of $10M+ to the client. 3 Products commercialized and on store shelves generating top line revenue that will exceed $12M+ annually.

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