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Prepare Your Team to Amplify



  1. increase the volume of (sound), especially using an amplifier.
    • increase the amplitude of (an electrical signal or other oscillation).
    • cause to become more marked or intense.

Using a custom blend of three strategic solutions of Venture Funding, Center Led Procurement, and Supplier Enabled Innovation, The Innovation Garage® amplifies your organization’s capability to scale and grow.

It All Starts with Strategy.

Start with Why…Work Backwards to How.

The Innovation Garage® delivers strategy, tools, tech and expert consulting that will amplify your capability for growth!

Venture Funding

Startup, Mergers & Acquistions,
Private Equity, Divestiture Assessment & Due Diligence.

Center Led Procurement

  Learn how to build your supply chain organization’s capability to think differently.

Supplier Enabled Innovation

Develop your organization’s human and technology based system of external experts.